Cup Final Update

Cup Final Update


After speaking to Hannah Simpson, the Chief Executive Officer at the West Riding County FA, we can inform all our supporters that should the crowds we anticipate be in fact correct the venue for the final will be reconsidered and a more suitable stadium be allocated. In a very open and honest discussion United CEO Phil Smith discussed attendance figures, security and accessibility amongst other key factors relating to the final. Hannah Simpson mentioned she had already received an email from United Chairman John Chidlaw and had been made aware of the need to review this.

"It's not a case of we don't want to play at The County FA headquarters but more of a case that we want all our fans to be able to get access to the final. Choosing a ground smaller than our own would restrict the numbers there for our fans yet alone the fans of our potential opposition. Hannah has been extremely understanding and stated that the final does not need to be at Woodlesford and they are happy to look at other options." Said Phil Smith

One of the outcomes may be that one of the finalists hosts the game at their ground, another may be that it goes to a neutral venue somewhere in the region. All this will be discussed and decided after the second semi final between Guisley and Barnoldswick on February 19th.

Please note that should this game be deemed all ticket, Ossett United will inform all fans in due course and open up a ticket allocation process. Keep an eye out on all social media channels and of course In the meantime to help us assess how many fans would like to attend the game we have an event listed on Facebook where you can identify yourself as someone who is interested in attending. Please follow this link to add yourself to the group. Ossett United Cup Final Group

NOTE: This does not guarantee you a ticket it is just for the club to gauge the numbers so far.

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